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Dario di Paolantonio (DDP) tackles philosophical questions by inquiring into contemporary issues, focusing on media landscapes and the worlds beyond humans. Drawing from metaphysics, semiotics and literature, he builds his conceptual frameworks with different techniques, in the form of video-essays and strong narratives. He graduated in 2021 with a Master in Non Linear Narrative from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

His theoretical research and artistic practice looks at the processes of interpretation and world-building. Using philosophical tools such as metaphysics and semiotics, DDP inquires into the condition of possibility that confers sense and order to a particular ‘cosmos’, whether it be imaginary, virtual, real or fictional, human or non-human.
The ‘world’ can’t be considered an empty container populated by independent objects, nor the truthful reality that follows rigid laws, but rather a set of meaningful relations that emerge by taking a particular point of view. It follows that such an order is not necessarily stable and fixed, and it’s not independent of other instances of world-interpretation.

DDP focuses on peculiar cases when there’s an overlap or intertwining highly different structures of sense: interspecies communication, works of fiction that magically influence the ‘factual’ domain, virtual worlds generated by technological devices parasitizing on human societies, and so on. His artistic practice acts as a reminder that inhabiting a world doesn’t entail seeking an authentic order, or being subjugated to an imposed one, but is rather a process of constant negotiation – sympathetic or conflictual – with other perspectives.

Exhibitions / Screening

I miss you, home, HI The Hague Festival — The Hague (NL), 11.2021
In transmission, STIFF — Rijeka (HR), 11.2021
Matters of Being, iii — The Hague (NL), 10.2021
Relational terms, The spectrum space — The Hague (NL), 09.2021
Export As, First Cut — The Hague (NL), 07.2021
From where we know, KABK Gradution Show — The Hague (NL), 07.2021
REVERSO, 19th Media Art Biennale — Wrocław (PL), 05.2021
Punk Cinema Festival — Amsterdam (NL), 10.2020
PRIMAVERA 00185, Mistomame — Rome (IT), 04.2019
ghent art book fair, 019 — Ghent (BL), 05.2018
MedFilm Festival – XXIII Edition, Cinema Savoy — Rome (IT), 11.2017
Crack fumetti dirompenti, Forte Prenestino — Rome (IT), 06.2017